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Welcome to SilverFox Hearts & Minds.  This is a place where I will share.  I will share my experiences, thoughts, and knowledge.  I will share my inspirations and my sources of those inspirations.  My commitment is to be authentic and vulnerable in my quest to connect.  Life is an amazing journey.  A life without challenges and loss is one without success and joy.  It isn't about being challenged or experiencing a loss it's about what we choose to do with it.


Over time I have come to understand that life is not about the destination but rather the journey. I know this sounds somewhat cliche; yet, there is plenty of truth in it. After all, what is the destination of life? It's death, which is not something that I want to work towards, so it has to be about the journey. A common saying that we often hear is "Life is too short" to me, that is also a bit of a misnomer. After all, life is the longest thing you are ever going to do, so why not do your best to do it well. Doing it well doesn't prevent pain and suffering. It includes those, without pain and suffering, how would we measure things like joy and love. So this is where I have arrived, I have spent a lot of time living, and much of it has been very, very hard.

I have lived through some pretty harrowing experiences in my life. I am still here, I am still hopeful, and I am still pursuing love and joy in my life. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided  I wanted to stop focusing on the negativity and find a way to put true kindness back in my life.

I decided to write about kindness on Facebook every day for 30 days, and this undertaking is what lead me here. I enjoyed writing and appreciated the feedback I received from friends and family. So I have decided to venture into the web and keep writing. I hope you will find something here that touches you. It is based on my experiences, my readings, and life in general. Thank you for joining me in this part of my journey.

it's ok to ask

We discover when we ask that there is an abundance of people who are ready to connect with us and help us in our time of need and that asking them for their kindness is also a way of giving kindness to both them and ourselves.

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Let Your Inner Child Guide you

As human beings, we are not born with apprehension, negativity-bias, embarrassment etc. We have what it takes inside of us. We were born with the authenticity, vulnerability to bring out our kindness. We need to know where to look.

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kindness is strength

Don't be fooled by those that would tell you that kindness is weak.  It can be one of the harder things that we undertake, especially for ourselves.  Undertaking kindness, and I mean truly leaning in and being vulnerable and authentic with kindness with no expectation of the outcome takes strength of spirit.  Kindness is a Gift of the heart to the heart

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Kindness is never wasted

There was a time when I would have said...don't waste your time and effort on (fill in your own blank here) when the effort of my kindness had some sort of value I ascribed to it.  It wasn't until later in life that I realized that true kindness is given without expectation, without judgment, it is given with compassion and authenticity.  

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Who am I? Well for starters I am a finance professional. Some 25 years now. Not who I am though. I am a person of passion, I love to cook, I love photography. I am also a father of three wonderful children two of whom still live at home. The more relevant part is who I am here. Here I am a person of commitment to myself, by that, I mean committed to making my journey through life as good as it can be. I want joy and authenticity in my life. I have come to realize that life is not a destination but a pursuit. That pursuit has become more and more passionate for me. In that passion I have discovered I want to share what I have learned and am learning with others. I have lived a full and tumultuous life. To paraphrase Brene Brown I have spent my fair share of time face down in the arena covered in dust, sweat and blood. I have known victory and defeat and have learned a thing or two. So now I challenge myself to combine my experiences, knowledge and learning and share it here.  My hope is that some will find inspiration or realization here or there along the way. My hope is that I will find connection being authentic and vulnerable with what I say. My hope is to continue to connect and inspire myself to live my best life.

Shawn Thompson

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