Kindness Is Never Wasted

I have heard people say and often read things like;

“Don’t waste your kindness on those that are not deserving.”

“Figure out those people in life that are worth your kindness.”

“Life is too short to waste your time and kindness on unkind people."

I disagree with this; I don’t believe that kindness is ever wasted or undeserved. To me, it is about how kindness is delivered. If you approach the practice of kindness with compassion and no expectations, then you really cannot be hurt by someone that “appears” not to be worthy, deserving or accepting of your kindness.

If we give kindness to only those that we feel deserve or are worthy, then we are acting in judgement. If we are acting in judgment, then I don’t see how we are kind. None of us truly knows what is going on with anyone; we don’t know the demons they fight, if they are ill, what has happened to them, why they act the way they do. Maybe they won’t see your kindness for what it is, or perhaps it will resonate (even if just a little) and help them to heal.

In the case of those who may not appear to deserve your compassion and authenticity, the answer is to give kindness without expectation. I am not suggesting that we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of or become naïve to people's intentions.

“Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always.” ~ Robin Williams.

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